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     I've hired a number of cleaners over the years from different companies. Those that I had the pleasure of welcoming into my house the other week from Hornchurch Carpet Cleaner were certainly the best. I loved watching them go about their work. They paid attention to detail, left no stone unturned in ensuring I was left satisfied with their work. I certainly was. All the cleaning jobs were completed to an incredibly high standard. I have no qualms about recommending this company to others.
G. Weston19/05/2020
     The only cleaning service that I trust. They strive for excellence and never disappoint.
Samantha Carpenter20/09/2019
     Needed same day cleaning service urgently so I called Hornchurch Cleaning Company. The cleaners came 2 hours later and cleaned my flat to perfection. My guests were impressed by the cleanliness of my home. Job well done!
Heather L.10/03/2017
     We were referred to Hornchurch Carpet Cleaning by a business partner of ours, who had had a great experience with their cleaning services. We booked a test clean and once we saw how well they worked, we knew that was the perfect cleaning agency for us. Have no qualms whatsoever.
I. Owens31/05/2016
     If you are looking for an expert oven cleaning firm then I suggest that you call up HornchurchCarpetCleaners. They did a great job for me, making my oven completely spotless. I'm sure they can do the same for you.
Emma Draper24/09/2015
     Through one thing or another, my house had become really messy. Whether it's buying new things and not getting rid of old ones, not having time for cleaning, dumping items, or whatever, my house had become a tip. Wanting to restore it to its former cleanliness, I sought the help of Hornchurch Carpet Cleaning. Their cleaners assisted me with getting rid of all the junk and banishing stains and dirt. The house looked great after they were finished and so I know I have their help just a phone call away if the mess builds up again.
Gideon Burrows27/05/2015
     We have arguments from time to time at home about who is doing the least cleaning and housework. That's why we chose to chip in and pay for a cleaner and HornchurchCarpetCleaners have done a great job. The cleaner that comes to our house does a lot of cleaning work and it includes cleaning the fridge, the kitchen tops and sink, the cupboards, the microwave and the floor. The cleaner will also clean the toilet, sink and shower and hoover and dust all the surfaces in the house. It's a big relief to me and my housemates to have them!
     Thanks to all the guys at HornchurchCarpetCleaners for the help that they've given us as we've been getting the house ready. There's really nothing quite like a properly cleaned home and you can really tell the difference when it comes to making sure that the house is cleaned properly before a big party. Our hosting skills were continually complimented on the night and I can put a great deal of that down to the cleaning which was done for us by the team who are - in my opinion - the best in the business. Would happily hire them again, thanks.
Philip E.04/06/2014
     If you are looking for some help around the home right now, then you must try out HornchurchCarpetCleaners I was unsure at first because I hoped that they wouldn't judge me as I'd let things go lately, however to the contrary they are far from judgemental, they are helpful, friendly and they do an amazing job. I feel silly for feeling that way now and only wished I had felt more confident to ask for some help sooner, I couldn't be without HornchurchCarpetCleaners now and I'd never achieve these results even if I tried, very happy client!
Nita K.08/05/2014
     This is a brilliant cleaning company. I honestly don't know what I would have done without the help of HornchurchCarpetCleaners over these past few months. Due to unforeseen circumstances I just couldn't keep on top of the housework, and I was under a lot of stress as it was without having to worry about cleaning. I gave the company a call and they were really sympathetic and understanding. They sent me a really experienced cleaner who got busy straight away and soon my home was looking amazing. I can't thank this cleaning service enough for all of their help, and if you want cleaning help then this is the company for you!
David F.20/01/2014
     If you are in need of a deep clean at your home, I would like to recommend HornchurchCarpetCleaners. They recently helped me with a large full house clean, and I found that having them around really did make my life a lot easier. In many ways, you will come to find that it sometimes takes admitting defeat in the face of such excellent professional work, as I did! The cleaners were all nice to have around, and excellent at getting the job done quickly and without any fuss. I will be having them round again within the next few weeks for sure!
Jane W.07/01/2014

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